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The Gnostic Lessons are the way in which we teach what is commonly called the Minor Orders. By completing these study materials you will qualify to become ordained as a Server. By completing the first lesson you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, the Divine and all of creation.

There are seven Gnostic Lessons. They cover such topics as:

Lesson 1 - Discussion of Gnosticism and The Tree of Life

Lesson 2 - Learning to be a Keeper, which includes:

Keeper of Stones Keeper of Stress
Keeper of Power Keeper of Insights
Sense of Smell The Password
Ritual One Keeper of Secrets

Lesson 3 - We are the Bearer of each other's burdens, which includes:

Sense of Taste Ritual Two

Lesson 5 - We are a Speaker to help ourselves and to help others, which includes:

Sense of Hearing Ritual Four

Lesson 6 - We are a Server to express our love and gratitude, which includes:

Sense of Touch Ritual Five

Lesson 7 - Membership Application and New Opportunities

These seven lessons are designed to take you step by step deeper into your own spiritual awareness.  As you move through these lessons you will:

  1. Become more and more aware of your own spiritual goals and purpose. 
  2. Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and others.
  3. Prepare yourself to accelerate your spiritual growth and become more and more the person you intended to become when you decided to incarnate on this plane at this time. 
  4. Commune with the Divine on a personal one-on-one basis.

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