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The Universal Gnostic Fellowship is open to all who accept the fundamental Law of One. This is the only doctrine or dogma required for membership.  There are no restrictions regarding your membership.  We accept members regardless of previous or present church memberships and we do not ban members of any other faith.  We also do not ban nor excommunicate any member who is or was a member of any other church. 

The fee for the Gnostic Lessons is a donation of US $25.00 or more payable by check or money order. Donations to Universal Gnostic Fellowship are tax deductible (Federal Tax ID  43-2083084). Please complete the application and make checks or money orders out to the UNIVERSAL GNOSTIC FELLOWSHIP and mailed to:

Gnostic Lessons
PO Box 163
Ridgecrest NC 28770-0163

Please donate $30.00 or more if you want us to copy and Priority mail the lessons to you to help us defray the cost of postage and handling. 

CREDIT CARDS are accepted on our behalf through secure transactions provided by IPX Services whom we completely trust to handle your transaction securely, secretly and confidentially.

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